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Falling For Him

Falling For Him - Sara York Not rating, but wow, this could have been so awesome! Instead, it was just a disappointment. Things felt rushed, one of the MCs was a bit of an ass, and so many things were either glossed over, not mentioned, or just didn't make any sense. There should have been more of the webchats on the page, and I could have maybe bought the instalove between Tristan and Stefon if Tristan had figured out Stefon was his webchat buddy BEFORE he volunteered to go with him to the doctor.

I mean, seriously, who offers to go to the doctor with someone on their second meeting, and then starts planning out their future so soon?

I always appreciate the effort these authors put in, for free, so thanks to everyone who worked on this event.

Out in the Deep End

Out in the Deep End - Lane Hayes This was cute, and I thought the story went well with the prompt!

As always, thanks to everyone who took part in bringing us this event!

When A Twin Peeks: A Taboo M/M Twins Romance

When A Twin Peeks: A Taboo M/M Twins Romance - Liberty Lace Meh, I've read better twincest books.

NOT A BOOK: Saving Sean

NOT A BOOK: Saving Sean - NOT A BOOK http://www.prismbookalliance.com/2015/06/lynn-hagen-plagiarist-outside-the-margins-with-ethan-stone/
Apparently, I read this a while back, but it wasn't on GR yet? I started reading it last night, but the further I read, the more sure I was that I'd read it, and once I looked at part 2, yeah, I read them both! Good stories, but no sex, because Stiles is underage. I hate to be THAT PERSON, but I kinda wonder what the point of a good Steter story is without the oh so wrong it's right sex, but this was still a good story, so long as you aren't expecting kinky sexy funtimes.

Lost Along the Way

Lost Along the Way - Marie Sexton I liked this story. I think it was more about accepting your relationship and moving on than anything else. By the time things finally came to a head, all Daniel really felt was relief, and I got that. It seemed fast, but when it's already been over in your head for months, what's left to angst over? Yeah, I got it! Great story, and I loved Landon.

I'd also kinda like to read about Chase down the road, he didn't seem like an awful guy, just one who fucked up.

The Frat Brat

The Frat Brat - Nico Jaye I really enjoyed this one, and would love a longer story about these guys!

Coming Clean

Coming Clean - Silvia Violet Ok, so no new ground was covered here, and that job offer kinda came out of left field, but all in all, I enjoyed this one, when I didn't think I would, so I'm going to give it the bump from 3.5 to 4 stars.

I Should Meet You Because I Love You

I Should Meet You Because I Love You - derekstilinski Fluff overload!
Borrowing this!

This author's works have been deleted from GR because they explicitly do not wish their works to be listed here:

"Please do NOT link to works or create author profiles for me on mainstream sites like goodreads. I am hosting these works on AO3 and many of them are also viewable on Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Those are the spaces I have chosen to host these works -- please respect that."

Little Wild Animal

Little Wild Animal - DiscontentedWinter Once again, sheer perfection.

Just Friends

Just Friends - Jen Rose Not even worth the borrow on KU.

First off, the blurb isn't a blurb, it's an excerpt, first scene out of the book, and actually tells you nothing about the plot. Second, this is a gay for you first time experience, crammed into only 12 pages. Third, the writing is awkward, disjointed, and unedited. Passed/past errors, absolutely no scene breaks or indication of POV shifts or even location changes, etc. Fourth, it totally skipped over the freaking sex scene!
"My girlfriend cheated on me, hand on knee, OMG I want to totally block her out of my mind, hand on other guy's pants," and then it's the next freaking day! Seriously?

Two Steps Back

Two Steps Back - Lyn Gala I don't read a lot of this type of BDSM, it's just not my thing, but every once in a while, I'll come across one that just hits all the right notes for me. This was that sort of book. It hit the sexy and the sweet and the angsty, and I've always said that if a book gets me hot, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and is well written and edited, it's a five star for me, so there ya go.

Gay Porn College Super Stars

Gay Porn College Super Stars - Dick Parker Ok, is this the right book now?

This was pretty much nothing but sex. High school boys (but they're 18!) who decide, on a lark, to make a gay porno. Gradually, they all find out they are all gay, or at least have some experience with mansex.

Very simplistically written, and maybe a bit too much "Fuckin A!" for my taste. It's like one of those 20 page spank bank stories, but more. If all you're looking for is some hot guy on guy on guy on guy (on guy!) action, this is a hot little number.

Dallas in Wonderland

Dallas in Wonderland - Evan Gilbert This book just had too much going on in too little pages. A jaded porn star, another porn star hiding who he really is from his ultra-religous family back home, a guy down on his luck, who lost his job, and is about to be evicted because his roommate ran off with all the rent money, a mob boss, a loan shark determined to squeeze money out of someone who didn't even BORROW any money, and it's just too much for only 89 pages.

I also felt like the one big three way sex scene felt like it was ripped right out a porn shoot, instead of three guys who came together out of feelings and chemistry. It was like a check list of positions to be checked off.

I found it a bit ridiculous that two of them ended up in the same ER at the same night, but then I realized it was all just a plot point to get all three together in one place, two needing help, and one able to give that help.

Love You Senseless (Men of London Book 1)

Love You Senseless (Men of London Book 1) - Susan Mac Nicol Ok, so the first thing he tasted wasn't Eddie's dick, but the first thing he smelled WAS their jizz, so I'm still counting it!

I enjoyed this story, but Gideon was such a grumpy ass at times, I didn't really get what Eddie saw in him. If a guy bit my head off as many times as Gideon did Eddie, I'd have wanted nothing to do with him.

Of course, for all his grumpiness, I did like the guy, so maybe Eddie wasn't so offbase to look for more!

I'm not sure the entire side plot with Eddie's cousin was totally necessary, but I think it was more a way to put Taylor's abilities out there, and set things up for book two, so I'm ok with it. And hey, maybe we'll even get a Luke book out of it eventually!