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Dallas in Wonderland - Evan Gilbert This book just had too much going on in too little pages. A jaded porn star, another porn star hiding who he really is from his ultra-religous family back home, a guy down on his luck, who lost his job, and is about to be evicted because his roommate ran off with all the rent money, a mob boss, a loan shark determined to squeeze money out of someone who didn't even BORROW any money, and it's just too much for only 89 pages.

I also felt like the one big three way sex scene felt like it was ripped right out a porn shoot, instead of three guys who came together out of feelings and chemistry. It was like a check list of positions to be checked off.

I found it a bit ridiculous that two of them ended up in the same ER at the same night, but then I realized it was all just a plot point to get all three together in one place, two needing help, and one able to give that help.