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Love You Senseless (Men of London Book 1)

Love You Senseless (Men of London Book 1) - Susan Mac Nicol Ok, so the first thing he tasted wasn't Eddie's dick, but the first thing he smelled WAS their jizz, so I'm still counting it!

I enjoyed this story, but Gideon was such a grumpy ass at times, I didn't really get what Eddie saw in him. If a guy bit my head off as many times as Gideon did Eddie, I'd have wanted nothing to do with him.

Of course, for all his grumpiness, I did like the guy, so maybe Eddie wasn't so offbase to look for more!

I'm not sure the entire side plot with Eddie's cousin was totally necessary, but I think it was more a way to put Taylor's abilities out there, and set things up for book two, so I'm ok with it. And hey, maybe we'll even get a Luke book out of it eventually!