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Spring Break Video (Gay Porn College Superstars 2)

Spring Break Video (Gay Porn College Superstars 2) - Dick Parker Another hot little number, filled with lots of dicks and asses and dicks in asses, and tons of cum shots. I have to say, I imagine these videos as having some of the absolute cheesiest dialogue in porn history, and for that reason alone, I love it. Porn SHOULD be cheesy and fun, and not take itself too seriously, and it should also be more than "oops, there's a dick!"

My one and only complaint about this series is it's all sex. There's no romance (although there are two "in love" couples among this crowd) to be had, it's all just sex sex sex, which is fun, but not fulfilling.

And a nitpick- it's Porky Pig who says the "Th-Th-Th-That's all folks!" line, NOT Bugs Bunny!

Innocence on Film

Innocence on Film - Lilith Duvalier THAT'S the way you end it?! Seriously?

I enjoyed this story, about two life long best friends, who have both lost their jobs, are about to be evicted, who fall into gay for pay porn. They both get way more into it than they planned, leaving things awkward after it all happens.

The story is interspersed with flashbacks of them as teens, dating girls, fighting, being there for each other. I did think too much time was spent remembering and comparing man on man sex to sex with a woman. A bit too much remembering and thinking about eating pussy for my taste, which knocked the rating down for me a bit here.

What I did like was that it felt more realistic, how the guys dealt with things. They were nervous about the porn, and then they tried to push it all aside after it was done, tried to pretend it never happened.

And then it ends right where they start to really talk about things! If it were out now, I'd totally be reading book 2 next, but alas, I have to wait!

One Gold Heart

One Gold Heart - Sadie Haller Shouldn't it be "chord", if it's about a music group?

Dirty Dining

Dirty Dining - E.M. Lynley I enjoyed this one a lot. The dinner scenes were way hotter than I thought they'd be. I did feel that Jeremy seemed much younger than 27,and there seemed to be much more of an age difference between Jeremy and Brice than eight years. Still, I really enjoyed watching them get to know each other, both in and out of the club.

Rode Hard (Tales from Triple M Ranch Book 1)

Rode Hard (Tales from Triple M Ranch Book 1) - Kelex Not bad, pretty hot, cowboy twoways, threeways, and fourways, complete with some DP action. I saw one tiny inconsistency though. At first, Austin had never bottomed before, but just a little bit later, it's said he'd only done anal a couple of times and hated it. Still, all in all, I'll probably read more of this series.

Foolish Me

Foolish Me - Tinnean In this sequel, we get a lot more of the day to day life of Theo and Wills, and one particularly bad incident of Theo freaking out and running away. I would ordinarily have thought this book was too long. It had tons of day to day life stuff that we didn't really need to see to further the story, but it kept me engaged enough to finish this up in one long sitting.

River of Need

River of Need  - Shayla Kersten Too much sex, too much anger, not enough trust.

Hell of a life

Hell of a life - runphoebe Nothin' but the fluff!

He'll Protect You

He'll Protect You - BWT This was awesome! The only thing that would have made it any better for me is more Derek and Stiles together on page time, but this was such a great story!

Acting Out

Acting Out - Scotty Cade Some of it felt like a how to manual for gay for pay porn, and I got really frustrated with Eli a few times. I also thought the ending felt rushed, and would have liked one more chapter, rather than having the whole thing resolved in one paragraph.

Learning from Isaac

Learning from Isaac - Dev Bentham Ordinarily, I love student/professor stories, add in that the student is a hooker, and this should be golden! Unfortunately, I was kind of bored through a lot of this, and just when I was really getting into it, Nathan did something that pissed me off. I also don't get rimming but not blowing without a condom.

Also, third book this week I've read with a character named Nathan or some variation of it. New trend in book names?

Kissing Cody Starr

Kissing Cody Starr - S.J. Frost 3.5 stars.

This was sweet, in a way that SJ Frost always gives readers- that everything is going to turn out perfect in spite of everything way. The sex was really hot, but EC REALLY needs to work on their editing. Missing words, extra words, just not pretty.


Tabu - sociallyawkwardfangirl21 I liked the idea, the sex was really hot, even the incesty stuff, but I would have liked more communication between the guys. They started out pretending, undercover in a BDSM club to find some big bad, and ended up just kinda falling into things for real, but with no real conversation until the very end, and even then, it was just "we want this" and all was well.

The Boyfriend Experience

The Boyfriend Experience - Alexis E. Skye An escort story, with nary a drop of lube, nor a condom to be found!

Also, awkward POV switches, and odd time jumps, plus no real talking and getting to know each other. (for instance, how did they go from Christmas morning in bed with his CLIENT to his assistant, same chapter, no discussion, just boom. And again, one scene Nate is in the hospital, the next, it's freaking three years later!)

All is fair in the game called love

All is fair in the game called love - SasuNarufan13 Ok, I'm not real sure how to rate this one. On the one hand, I want to give it two stars, because the writing was a bit off, lots of wrong words were used (for instance, hazard for haggard?), and people were REALLY OOC. But, for an almost 200k word fic, it managed to keep me reading til the end, so I'm going to go ahead and bump it up to three stars.

For the plot- the Malfoys, Lucius and Draco, have turned to the light side, and Draco and Harry become friends. Harry's friends aren't happy with this at all, which is the first bit of OOC. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, even Molly Weasley are characterized AWFULLY in this one. You can expect a certain amount of anger, especially from Ron, but curses, locking Harry in a closet alone, POISON? A howler from Molly because Harry didn't want to date Ginny? TOO OOC.

And then Dumbledore, even more manipulative than usual. Going out of his way to frame Sirius for child abuse, trying to have him killed? Trying to kill Harry? Way over the top!

So, if you don't mind lots of OOC behavior, give this a shot. I didn't hate it, in fact, I raced through the whole thing in just a day, but I really don't think I'd put it on a rec list.

From Pack to Pride

From Pack to Pride - Amber Kell 2.5 stars.

Predictable shifter story. Instalove, bad guy shows up, fight over in an instant, biting, claiming, mating, running away, etc etc. Nothing new here.