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All is fair in the game called love

All is fair in the game called love - SasuNarufan13 Ok, I'm not real sure how to rate this one. On the one hand, I want to give it two stars, because the writing was a bit off, lots of wrong words were used (for instance, hazard for haggard?), and people were REALLY OOC. But, for an almost 200k word fic, it managed to keep me reading til the end, so I'm going to go ahead and bump it up to three stars.

For the plot- the Malfoys, Lucius and Draco, have turned to the light side, and Draco and Harry become friends. Harry's friends aren't happy with this at all, which is the first bit of OOC. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, even Molly Weasley are characterized AWFULLY in this one. You can expect a certain amount of anger, especially from Ron, but curses, locking Harry in a closet alone, POISON? A howler from Molly because Harry didn't want to date Ginny? TOO OOC.

And then Dumbledore, even more manipulative than usual. Going out of his way to frame Sirius for child abuse, trying to have him killed? Trying to kill Harry? Way over the top!

So, if you don't mind lots of OOC behavior, give this a shot. I didn't hate it, in fact, I raced through the whole thing in just a day, but I really don't think I'd put it on a rec list.