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Innocence on Film - Lilith Duvalier THAT'S the way you end it?! Seriously?

I enjoyed this story, about two life long best friends, who have both lost their jobs, are about to be evicted, who fall into gay for pay porn. They both get way more into it than they planned, leaving things awkward after it all happens.

The story is interspersed with flashbacks of them as teens, dating girls, fighting, being there for each other. I did think too much time was spent remembering and comparing man on man sex to sex with a woman. A bit too much remembering and thinking about eating pussy for my taste, which knocked the rating down for me a bit here.

What I did like was that it felt more realistic, how the guys dealt with things. They were nervous about the porn, and then they tried to push it all aside after it was done, tried to pretend it never happened.

And then it ends right where they start to really talk about things! If it were out now, I'd totally be reading book 2 next, but alas, I have to wait!