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Heroes of Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay - youcantseeus, hd_family_mod Oh I liked this! Epilogue compliant (mostly) Harry and Ginny are divorced and split custody. Albus has always been a bit different, and is now into the very Muggle hobby of Cosplay (dressing up like your favorite video game, comic book, or science fiction/fantasy character). Harry takes him to a con, where he runs into Draco and his own son, Scorpius. They find out the boys are much better friends than they knew, and it forces Harry and Draco to get along, and eventually, into more.

I would have liked more heat, but this story was a lot of fun. I truly loved Scorpius in this one, the boy who dresses in drag cosplay costumes, not because he is gay or bi or anything like that, but because it gets him the most attention! Genius!