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Stay With Me - S.E. Harmon I loved this book so much, and it was SO close to being a 5 star read for me.

Mac is a PI with a pretty bad record in things of love. He has a habit of going after unavailable men, and running when things get tough. This all goes back to a mom who walked out on the family when he was a kid. Then he meets Jordan, a guy who actually hires him to follow his fiance, Rachel, because he thinks she might be cheating on him. And so we begin!

The chemistry between Mac and Jordan is great, and Mac can't help but wonder about all the signals Jordan keeps sending out. Eventually, they act on their feelings, and fall into a relationship, and boy is it hot.

The whole story is told in Mac's first person POV, and while I loved Mac and could happily read more of his neuroses and fears, I did feel that this kept the reader from really getting to know Jordan. What made him think Rachel was cheating on him? Had he ever had feelings for a guy before? How did he react to the idea of having the hots for his PI? Did he go home and wank to gay porn? Did he spend any time angsting over things, or did he just go with it? When exactly did he break things off with Rachel, before or after starting things with Mac?

Having both POVs are always nice, but for me it's especially important with this type of GFY story, to get a feel for the GFY character and how he's feeling and reacting with all the changes in his life. That's what I felt was missing in this story, and why I bumped it from 5 down to 4 stars.

The attraction to Mac SEEMED out of left field, but the reader only really knows what Mac knows, so I'm just not sure. I do know that Jordan seemed AWFULLY comfortable with the gay sex for a first timer. He rimmed the guy first thing! Had NO hesitation at giving a blow job, no hesitation about anything really, other than being fucked the first time, and even that eventually went peachy.

Time also seemed to skip around a bit at a couple of points, in such a way that I wasn't sure how much time had passed. Did Mac really go steal his dog back from Trevor, buy a new car, get rid of his truck, and leave town all the morning after Rachel's big pregnancy reveal?

I hope we get a sequel, there seemed to be a lot of things unresolved, Mac is still a flight risk, IMO, and Jordan still needs to come out to his family and friends, and there is still that unfinished business with Rachel. Hopefully, if we get a sequel, it's in Jordan's POV this time. I'd also like to see stories about Mac's partner, Drew and about Mac's fuck buddy, Asher. (not necessarily together)