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Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone - Azhure, Wintermoon2 Ok, to start off with, this fic was LONG. The Hex Files version is over 600k words, the ff.net one is a bit shy of that. I believe the FF.net one has the sex scenes toned down to fit their rules.

This is a fic that has Harry and Draco meeting again through a set of enchanted journals. Harry is an auror, Draco is a potions student studying in France. The fic was written before the last few books were out (03-05, I believe), so the events that happened in books 6-7 (maybe even 5, I'm not too sure about that) never happened in this fic.

Draco was a spy during the war, working against his father and Voldemort. He was injured and has a severe limp and a lot of pain. The Malfoy name is still pretty much crap in Britain, so Draco is now living in France.

Harry is an auror in an out of the way place, and they seem to have him as a paper pusher and "Harry Potter" name plate more than anything else.

Both are fairly unhappy when they find these journals, and realize there is someone on the other side, and they strike up a friendship. Draco as "Luc", Harry as "Flash"

The story takes places over several months, and we get a LOT of details about each man with other people, which I really didn't need. I don't mind them being with other people before they get together, I just didn't need all the sexy details.

I also thought things went on way too long. Harry and Draco are never even in the same room until well over halfway through the fic, so 300k words before they are face to face. Then much bickering and fighting before they start to get along, and still more time before they both know who they've been writing to. First Harry learns the truth but can't tell, then Draco finally learns the truth, but Harry gets hurt and can't remember! So frustrating! And then once they finally get truly together, there is still 100k left, so of course, more drama.

But all in all, this was decently written, and one of my favorite tropes (pen pals/personal ads/matchmaking service, etc), and fairly true to character. Just if you try to read this, be prepared to commit a LOT of time to world building and things you might not care about reading, just to get to the good stuff.