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All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes Initial thoughts - best I've read from this author in ages! Loads of fun. Full review to come.

Ok, now! I really enjoyed this story. Yes, it had some Calmes mainstays, the buff unattainable straight guy and the best friend who loves him, the gaggle of women friends who all just adore the MC, crazy shit going awry on police (in this case Marshal) cases. But it also had enough to make it different for me. For one, Miro was not your typical Jory-esque twinkish, happy go lucky character that had men falling all over themselves for the chance to be with him. Also, he was fairly equal in terms of badassness to his partner, Ian. He wasn't a Green Beret, but he stood his own, wasn't a damsel in distress, and could take care of himself. Yeah, he got injured a lot, but line of duty stuff.

This book didn't have one central case tying the whole thing together, but rather, a lot of smaller cases tied into getting to know the characters and their lives. Ian was actually off page a good chunk of the book, he's still in the Reserves and was called away for a couple of months.

Miro is crazy about Ian, but Ian is straight, so Miro completely misses all the signals that Ian might want more from him than just being partners and best friends. But when Ian finally comes home from his mission, and Miro finally picks up on the signs, it was explosive, off the charts hot.

One thing I really would have liked was to see inside Ian's head. To see more about how he had been feeling all this time, and what made him finally decide to go for it.

Also, was anyone else kinda expecting the serial killer guy that Miro visited in prison to pop up again? Maybe bust out somehow and kidnap Miro?