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There's Monsters at Home - calrissian18 Loved this, ALL of the stars for this!

First off, this was SLOW burn. No real sex happens til right near the end. This isn't the usual Derek I have read about so far, who is usually bisexual, and has been with guys before. This Derek has never even thought about a man in that way. But in all other ways, he's the same Derek I've come to know and love. Dour and angry and uncommunicative and sad and guilty and very slow to realize and then admit to his feelings.

But Stiles! This Stiles is so different from your typical Stiles, but still manages to keep what makes Stiles Stiles. This Stiles was raised in Beacon Hills, but this Stiles was completely different. This Stiles wasn't Scott's best friend, his mom was killed by a werewolf, Stiles himself was an Emissary, and now, Stiles is one bad ass mother fucker. He IS magic. He does so many freaking COOL things in this story. He has a tattoo that moves, that grows and shifts and helps him heal. He can do so many cool magic things, he can heal. He's sarcastic and spastic and kinda nerdy, but so very bad ass.

I haven't watched the actual show much, but I think a lot of the events in this fic might have happened in the show, but this author gave them a different spin. I know the Alpha pack is here, and the Nemeton, and some kind of water dragon, demon possession, an incubus. Each chapter is set up in a "monster of the week" kind of thing, and each time, Stiles is the one called in to help figure it out. Stiles is the Giles in this story, only a really bad ass freaking Giles, more a cross between Giles and Dark Willow, without all the veins and the revenge killing.

If you like action and angst, and pining before they even know they're pining, definitely check this out.