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A Wolf and His Boy (A Wolf and His Boy, #1) - lovesrain44 First of all, this story starts out with a pretty graphic rape scene. It's tagged properly on AO3, but still, it was hard to read. But that was only the beginning of things that I didn't like about this story.

Derek was not nice. At all. I know he's gruff and assertive, but he always had glints of kindness in him, but here he was just mean, most of the time. No other TW characters really made an appearance in this fic, other than the Sheriff, and Chris Argent a couple of times. This fic covers several weeks and Scott is only seen ONCE. I know he's supposed to be hung up on Allison, but this felt a bit extreme. And the rest of Derek's pack wasn't mentioned at all. The pool and the kanima are both mentioned, so that means that Isaac, Erica and Boyd should have at least been mentioned, but they weren't. In fact, Derek is still staying at the Hale house, not at the train car.

After the rape by another wolf, which Derek saves Stiles from, and he does help him afterwards, Derek tells him that he's been marked now, now, but not claimed. This means that Stiles is pretty much catnip to other wolves, they are all going to smell him and want to claim him for their own. Derek offers to claim Stiles himself which means mate. Since wolves mate for life, that means no chance of sex for Derek, ever, but he offers the safety to Stiles. That's the only other nice thing Derek did, otherwise, he was just a jerk. Mean and impatient and scary.

Now, getting back to Scott. Stiles and Scott do get together one afternoon, and Scott doesn't smell the wolfie catnip mating smell that Stiles suddenly has going on? I know Scott is supposed to be oblivious, but he should have at least noticed SOMETHING off about Stiles, but no.

Stiles and Derek never really talk here. Sure, Derek explains about the claiming and the mating, but they never really just talk. There were NO emotions between them, at all. I never felt any feeling of "aww" or any sweetness or real tenderness, like they wanted to be together, even though it ended with them having sex a couple of times (for the claiming), and agreeing to try for more.

It was just very hard to read, and very dissatisfying for me emotionally. I only kept reading because I wanted to see some of Derek's kindness shine through, I wanted to see him really help Stiles deal with what happened, but that never happened.