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Navigating This Space Between Us

Navigating This Space Between Us - Omni This was just delicious and fun! It's kind of a fic imitating life thing, wherein Derek starts watching a sci fi schow with Erica, and the vibe on this sci fi show is much like the vibe for Sterek fans watching TW on tv. "When are they going to fuck already?" is a line Derek yells at the tv about the characters on this show, much like we have said about Derek and Stiles. That the show also reminds himself of his relationship with Stiles, or lack thereof, is just an added bonus. Derek has been in love with Stiles for years, but doesn't think Stiles feels the same.

Of course, Derek finds his way to AO3 and slash fic about his favorite characters, and gets close to another writer, who is also in love with someone he thinks doesn't love him back. These two get closer over time, and well, you do the math.

This fic has a LOT of links to tumblr posts that were created, which gives the fic a more "real" feel, which I thought was a cute, added bonus, so if you read this fic, be sure you read all the links contained inside, so you don't miss out on anything. Mad props to the author for being SO damned creative!