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Breakable - Tammara Webber First off, any potential readers should know that this book does NOT stand alone on it's own. Readers should have read [b:Easy|16056408|Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)|Tammara Webber|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349370267s/16056408.jpg|19113823] already, and if they haven't read [b:Easy|16056408|Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)|Tammara Webber|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349370267s/16056408.jpg|19113823] already, GO, read it now. I'll wait.


Ok, we will be assuming from here that you have read Easy, and are quite familiar with the oh so delicious Landon Lucas Maxfield.

I don't usually read these alternate POV books. They feel like just a cash grab on the part of the author and the publisher to me, and seem to rarely add enough to the story to justify the price. I'd much rather these POV shifts be offered as a freebie on the author's blog, or as an incentive to buy a newer edition of the original book. However, there was enough unknown about Lucas' past, and enough of Easy that took place with Lucas and Jackie not together, that I was fairly confident that there would be plenty of new story to tell. And I was mostly right. This book was a good bit longer than Easy, and with the addition of Landon's wild younger days, roughly half of this story is brand new, and unrelated to the relationship between Lucas and Jackie(sorry Jacqueline, but that's just easier to type, so you will be known as Jackie in this review. I know you hate it, but this is my space, not yours).

This story is told in alternating chapters, from a teenaged Landon's POV of what happened to his mother, and how his life fell apart after that, to a present tense Lucas, who has been on the straight and narrow for the past several years, and who seems to have fallen for Jacqueline pretty much on sight.

We are shown just how much the loss of his mother really ruined Landon and his father. His father pretty much just stopped living. He quit his job and moved himself and Landon back to his father's, and went back to work on his fishing boat, the job and the place that he couldn't get away from fast enough. We learn about Landon's life in a new town, his lack of friends, and how he actually forms a genuine friendship with the school bad boy. Landon and Boyce fall into a life of booze and pot and sex, but thankfully, they never seem to be too far gone. Landon has a brief infatuation with a local girl, but after that blows up in his face, he sticks to out of towners, people he can't get attached to. There is a lot of Landon hooking up with these girls, and I've never been happier to be reading an author who isn't particularly graphic or descriptive with the sex. He pretty much has no future until one event forces himself out of the mess he's made of his life. Lucas told Jackie a bit about how he used to be, and the assault that nearly landed him in prison and spurred him to straighten himself out, but Unbreakable is a totally unapologetic look at just how far down Landon spiraled, and why he holds himself so tightly wound today.

Present tense, Lucas, as Landon now insists on being called, has been working his ass off. He managed to get into college with the help of family friend and professor Charles Heller. He works odd jobs around campus to pay his way, and pretty much keeps to himself otherwise. He prefers it that way. Until he sees Jacqueline. He doesn't even know why, but there is just something about her that calls to him. Too bad she has a boyfriend. And is in the class that he tutors. Both things that make her totally off limits to him. But he can't help himself from wanting her, from watching her every day in class. He swears to himself that he won't, can't, get involved, but after saving Jackie in that parking lot, and exchanging emails with her as his tutor alter ego, Landon, he just can't fight himself anymore.

A lot of the events told from Lucas' POV are going to be fairly familiar. We get another side to his texts and emails to Jackie, and we also see how much he agonizes over his deception(remember now, you read Easy, so you know about this part). He tries to stay away, but he just can't. First he says he'll just be Jackie's "Operation Bad Boy Phase", but as time passes, he realizes he feels much more than that.

I do think that these scenes added a lot to what was going on with Lucas. Would I recommend just the Lucas parts, without the Landon parts of the story? Maybe, to diehard Lucas fans, but it's the Landon parts that really filled this story in for me.

Now to be a bit nitpicky- locations and spellings. Growing up, Landon and his family lived somewhere near DC, I think maybe Virginia? And then Landon and his dad moved to the gulf, and mentions were made of San Antonio, so I'm guessing they lived in Texas now. However, Landon was able to visit the Hellers fairly easy, with just a 4-6 hour bus ride, but it's just not possible to drive from Texas to DC that fast. And also, the spellings, many words were more UK spellings than English spellings. Words like "kerb", "tyres", "fitted",etc. Nothing major, but they did pull me out of the story when I ran across them.