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No Homo - RemainNameless Sterek, where have you been all my life?

I really fucking loved this. Yes, it had a few issues with scene changes and mixed up words, but I enjoyed every second of this story. Stiles was just so adorably clueless the whole time, and Derek was so sweet. I loved all Stiles' little justifications to himself, why things aren't gay. ( I can suck my own dick, so it's totally not gay to suck Derek's! )I loved that EVERYONE knew that Derek was bi and had been in love with Stiles for years BUT Stiles. I loved the wit and the sarcasm and the humor, and that these were college guys who seemed like college guys, not fully grown, mature adults in twenty year old stupid kid bodies.

My heart totally broke for Stiles when he finally realized, hey, he could like girls AND guys, and he REALLY did like Derek, but thought he was just a way for Derek to get some ass play, so he tried to pull back. Loved his grand gesture at the end to win him back.