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What the heck?

Some  of you with whom we chat on Amazon board already may know that, so forgive the repetition, but I guess  I still feel I need some more  ranting to do, so ignore please :).


So apparently preorders from Riptide are not refundable . I mean I knew the books are not refundable - I do not think any small publisher does the refunds, only Amazon? I still do not care for it much, but I get it. Preorders? Preorders? The product you have not delivered yet, you already grabbed the money and won't give it back to me? It did not happen to me just to clarify - happened to somebody else. You know, another one of disappointed Cut and Run fans, who previously preordered "Cut and crown" (shows how much we hate Nick and Kelly eh) and now changed her mind. What in the ever loving heck?


She was told that author already received the royalties, again on the product which had not been delivered to her yet ? Wow.


Then she was told that she can "gift" the order to somebody, but she cannot get the refund. That would help her how exactly?


As I said on Amazon I almost stopped preordering from them anyway, but sometimes did that - never again, just never.


You suck Riptide, sorry for the childish expression, but you truly do.

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