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Fanfiction.net being used to advertise novels. Wait, WTF?

Inside The Journey - 'K M Bergstrom',  'K L Campbell'

It's important to note that Inside the Journey is blatantly a fictionalized account of the relationships between Twilight actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The names have been changed to Kathryn Sterling and Ryan Preston, but it is obvious that this "book" is actually RPF (Real People Fiction), a genre of fan fiction that casts real people (actors, musicians and sports stars) in fiction stories, often erotic or romantic in nature. Not unlike the One Direction fan fiction, After, that recently got a movie deal.


The "publishing company" responsible for the Inside the Journey, Mayhem Erotica, was co-founded by former Twilight fan fiction author/fanart creator Soapy Mayhem, who publishes own questionably original novels under the pen name L.J. Anderson. I say questionable, because most of the "books" being published by Mayhem Erotica is repurposed fan fiction, and almost all of the authors are from the Twilight fandom.



This is clearly trying to capitalize on Inside the Journey's thinly veiled fandom origins by posting the first chapter on the most popular fan fiction website on the internet. It is even under the Twilight category. This is a new low of marketing P2P, using fan fiction sites to for free promotion, but not a surprising one.


After all, P2P relies upon exploiting the fanbase of another creators' work (books, movies, tv shows) for profit, and now they're doing the same to the fanbase of actors and celebrities. 


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