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Payoff - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov

Book 6 in the series, this is actually the third installment to feature Tristan, Jared, and Rolex Man, the mystery guy who pays for the two rentboys when he's in London. This is more of a review of all three books than just book 6.


In book one, we see things from Jared's POV. Jared is newer at the rentboy gig than Tristan is, and he has always been nervous around Tristan, in part because Tristan is so good at what he does, so self assured, and in part because Jared just wants Tristan.  He jumps at the chance Rolex offers, to watch Tristan and Jared together, just to get to be with Tristan. In book 2, we get Tristan's POV. Tristan and Jared have been working together with johns ever since that night with Rolex man but Tristan is starting to want more. Rolex man shows up again, and after paying for Jared to give Tristan a REALLY dirty lap dance, Tristan finally takes the chance to tell Jared he wants to spend time outside of work.


And now, in book 6 in this series, Rolex man is once again back, and we get a bit of both Jared and Tristan's POV. Jared knows something is off about Tristan, but he's not sure what. Tristan is slowly losing it, it's getting harder and harder to watch Jared with other men. Finally, when Rolex man is about to finally fuck Jared for the first time, (he's always just watched the two rentboys together, followed with them giving him a blow job) Tristan snaps, and admits that it's getting too hard for him, he just wants Jared alone, and maybe it's time to find other jobs.


Unlike books 1 and 2, this installment is slightly more than PWP. While still short, we get a bit more of Tristan and Jared's thoughts and feelings, which I liked, and then it ends with a good threesom scene between Jared, Rolex Man, and Tristan. A sandwhich, in just that combination, yummy! Not as hot as the first two stories, this one packed more of an emotional punch, and ends in a nice HFN for Jared and Tristan, while leaving reads to wonder about Rolex man, who is the MC in book 7 in this series.


I did skip books 3-5 in this series and didn't feel lost at all, other than not knowing who Jason, the rentboy Tristan and Jared recommended to take their place with Rolex man.