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Ok, I admit that I had some issues with the way this was written. I didn't much like Vy at first, and the story telling style kinda bugged me at times. Mainly in Vy's POV, when the story would jump a bit, and then backtrack while Vy stood there thinking about all that had happened. What, Lou or whoever he was with at the time just stood there for ten minutes while Vy woolgathered with a blank look on his face?

But once I got to know Vy, I came to understand a bit about why he was the way he was, and he did change for the better. Now Robert, Robert I just adored. He was a big burly alpha male, a bear shifter (who never shifts) but he was also the sweetest, most caring, mama bear alpha male I think I have ever seen.

Vy also made some dumb choices, from running from Robert when he realized Robert didn't see him as his mate (although I did get the hurt he felt, I would have liked for him to talk to Robert about it, instead of just assume he was just a fuck to Robert), and him running off to fight a bunch of wolves without his own people, considering they were all AT HIS HOUSE. Oh, and the way he just assumed Robert would be leaving, just because that's what he always did.

This was missing some of Calmes's trademarks, there was no small, perfect, everyone loves him man, and the big alpha was more teddy bear than gruff grizzly, but I liked it. And I usually find Cardeno a bit too sweet for me, but for some reason, I have liked all her shifter stories so far, this one included. But in the end, I really enjoyed the story. It kept me involved from beginning to end, read it all in one sitting.


Also worth noting- This book was SOO much better than Calmes' most recent, Floodgates.