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This is very rambling, and very ranty, so read on with caution, and apologies in advance.

This, just, gah! So many good reviews, and I feel so let down! I love a good menage story, and I love hurt comfort, but this story was just all over the place.

Pres was at the top of his profession, when he lost his sight in a car accident. He wallowed for a while, but he finally got his shit together, and found his way back into a career, as a food critic, rather than as a chef. Only, once he's finally getting his life back together, his fiance dumps him, she didn't sign on to be married to a blind man.

Cut to a few years later, he's doing his food critic thing, he has an awful girlfriend who only wants him for his money, and he is constantly feeling sorry for himself. Ok, I get it, he lost his sight, but other than that, he seems to have everything. He's rich, he's good looking, he still manages to work in a field he loves. No, it isn't perfect, but it could be a whole lost worse. I find it hard to believe he couldn't find a decent woman (or man!) to love him and see him for him. Must be that "poor me" vibe the guy sends out.

Then he meets Ric, and Ric is great. He feels a connection with Ric, and he hasn't been attracted to men since college. So after an awful breakup with the gold digger, Pres and Ric start something up. Ric talks about how he doesn't want to make love until it's that- love, not just sex. So they wait. A whole week. Apparently, a week is all it takes to know you're in forever love.

And all it takes to walk away from that forever love is one stupid little prank played on Ric by Pres. Pres is so desperate to make Ric see he's not just some blind guy, so he takes him out on his yacht Ric doesn't tell him that he can't swim and that (view spoiler), so when Pres pretends to fall overboard, Ric freaks out, dumps Pres hard, and won't listen to any of Pres's explanations and apologies. Talk about juvenile! After having a conversation JUST THAT MORNING about they were going to screw up, but they had to talk things out, not just walk away.

After a month, Pres meets Blair, a hot young escort who just so happens to be just finishing up his own prestigious chef training, so he and Pres fit together nicely. If only Pres didn't love Ric. Personally, after Ric's behavior, I wouldn't want anything to do with him, but love is love. Even if it was just a week.

So a few months later, when Ric comes grovelling back, Pres is ready to forgive and forget. But then he slips and falls in his kitchen, and (view spoiler) That's some soap opera shit right there.

So there is Pres and Blair, and they make it clear that they want Ric, and they want a three way relationship. Only all these conversations came out of left field, because they took place off page. The reader doesn't get to see them at all. But Ric just jumps right in with it, and they become a threesome.

Don't ask me when Ric fell in love with Blair, or when Blair fell in love with Ric. I guess if Ric and Pres can fall in a week, Ric and Blair can fall after a growling conversation in the hallway, right?

So they form a menage relationship in about three minutes flat, their family and friends and coworkers don't even bat a freaking eyelash, Ric gets fired for....taking time off and comforting his boyfriend in the hospital? but then gets offered a dream partnership from the doc that worked on Pres, and they all live happily freaking ever after. The END. Thank god, because I had to totally force myself to read the last 60% of this book.

Oh forgot, the endearments and the sappiness in this book drove me nuts. Gorgeous man, sexy man, beautiful man, my man, (lots of "**** mans") darlin, sweetheart, baby, Bear, Strawberry, Sunshine. And lots of crying. LOTS of crying.

I keep thinking of things that bugged me. What happened to Leo? Pres has a friend, a very close friend from college, Leo. On hearing how depressed he sounds, Leo drops everything and flies in to see him. Apparently they used to mess around in college, and Leo had always wanted more, but Pres didn't. But now, sad and blind and alone, Pres suddenly starts dry humping Leo in the middle of the night, and when Leo stops him and says he's seeing someone, Pres gets all upset and walks out, thinking he'll probably never talk to Leo again. WTF, they were such close friends for so long, and Pres just drops him like that, because he didn't return his advances? After he drops everything to come see him because Leo knew how down Pres was? What an ass!

And Blair. He showed up at the halfway point of the book, and in the end, we really learn nothing about him other than that he's a chef, he worked as an escort (the non sex kind, genuine escorting only) to pay his way through school, and he likes you to call him a slut. But don't treat him like just a fuck toy, because then he'll get all pissed off and try to sneak out in the middle of the night. But seriously, that's all I saw him as, a fuck toy. I couldn't really see what he brought to the relationship, other than a mouth on the dick of the guy being fucked. We learned nothing about him, saw no conversations with him, other than the other guys telling him out beautiful he was and how much they loved him, and what a "good little slut he was", yuck!