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Correspondence Series - Mystwriter There was a lot to like about this fic, but a lot wrong with it, too.

This is a pen pals/personals story, where Harry and Draco both sign up with a matchmaking pen pals program within Hogwarts. Both are gay, both are closeted, and whatever magic runs the program pairs the two together. They each write to the other, totally anonymously, and pour out a lot of what's in their hearts- about being gay and hiding it, about school, about Voldemort. Finally, they accidentally meet, and are of course horrified to learn who they are writing to, but end up getting past it, and falling for each other.

Ok, first the good- I like stories like this, where they meet through letters, not knowing who the other really is. It's a good way to get to know each other, without all the anger and prejudices they have against the other. The writing was pretty good, the stories go from the end up 5th year through 7th. The characters felt fairly true to who they were in the books. Even though Draco was sweet to Harry, he kept his snark with everyone else.

The first sex scene was actually true to how I'd imagine a couple of virgins would be- one of them gung ho, the other not so sure, and the author showed the pain of bottoming the first time, which is rare.

But now, the bad. I thought the reveal of who they were happened way too quickly. Just a few letters, then the meeting, and after a few weeks, Draco finally admits that he doesn't care, he likes Harry.

I also thought there was entirely too much sex. Both boys were virgins, but they did a LOT, from anal sex and rimming, to felching and snowballing. I love a good sex scene, I love a good NASTY sex scene, but I thought there was just too much here, given all that was going on.

More oddities- once their relationship is found out, Dumbledore decides the way to keep Draco safe is to send him with Harry to the Dursley's for the summer (!), and then lets them share a private room once school is back in session.

Still, even with all the problems I had, this story did keep me interested until the end, and I'm going to read the last in the series tonight.