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Out of the Blackness - Carter Quinn This one is a tough one to review. On the one hand, I was totally engrossed in Avery's story. It's just so heartbreaking, and I love stories about people who are so broken, and watching them heal and learn that they are worthy of love.

But I had some issues. Avery just came off SO young, and I understood it, with his history, but it did get a bit odd at times. He was always freaking out and crying, and everyone treated him like a child, not like a 22 year old man.

And then there was Noah. Noah was perfect. Too perfect. Because the entire story is told from Avery's POV, we never get into Noah's head at all. I didn't get why he fell for Avery so fast, and I never knew how he always knew just how to act around Avery. I don't know how much of his story he knew before Avery told him near the very end of the book. Did Sam, Kira and her brothers tell him about Avery? Did he have some sort of past history with someone else so damaged? Heck, I'm not even sure how old Noah was, he remained pretty much just as much of a mystery to me by the end of the story as he was when Avery first met him in that alley.

I also kept waiting on something more to happen, be it some grand misunderstanding or old family showing up, or someone else trying to hurt Avery (not that I WANTED this, I just expected something to happen), but the story stayed true to being nothing more than Avery working his issues and learning to trust and love Noah.

This book SHOULD have been something that had me eating it up with a spoon, and it could have been, if only we had gotten the tiniest glimpse into Noah's head, who he really was, what he thought, and just what he saw in a boy as damaged and messed up as Avery was. While the reader is inside Avery's head, and knows that he is a very sweet, loving young man deserving of love, I just can't see what someone on the outside would have to fall for.