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Hot Mess - Rowan McAllister 3.5 stars.

This was a cute little story that could have been great.

I got why Cameron acted out the way he did, even as I wanted to shake some sense into him. I almost put the book down after what he did at Sam's party, but I stuck with it, and was glad that I did.

My real frustration lies in the fact that we really didn't get to see Cam get his shit together. He decides Sam's friend Ryan is right, and leaves, and cuts all contact with Sam, doesn't show up for seven months, and we don't get to SEE any of it. We are told as Cam tells Sam what he did. I really wanted to see Cameron making it on hi own.

I also felt like they fell back into bed entirely too fast. Yes, they had lived together, but just as friends, and I just thought that more needed to be said.