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A Love So Belated - slashpervert Slashpervert is an interesting Drarry writer. On the one hand, the stories are usually pretty damn good. On the other hand, she likes to write a LOT of sex, good and dirty, raunchy sex, which is good, but there's a LOT of dirty talk, which I've never been a fan of. And it just feels weird to have Draco calling anyone "baby", but maybe that's just me.

This author also really likes to have Draco raped, which is NOT something I'm fond of reading about, AT all.

So this fic was just the ordinary Harry and Draco meet after the war and fall in love story, and the beginning was very sweet, and I loved it. But then the sex got too plentiful and too " oh yeah baby, in me, filling me up", and then the inevitable Draco gets double raped scene, and that just kinda killed it for me.

In the end- first half of this fic- 5 stars from me. Last half, really, last quarter of the fic- 2 stars.