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Silent Knights - Gale Stanley 2.5 stars.

This story had potential, but it tried to cram too much into too little time.

I've come to expect insta-love in Holiday reads, but I think this one carried that trope a bit too far. Paul has just been dumped by the guy he thought was "the one", Andy is hiding out after losing his love, but just a couple of days together, and they're both in love? They have deep conversations about their lives, but those mostly happen off page, so we miss that connection. There are important details of both of their lives that don't come out until the very end of the story, and are barely given any attention at all, given what they mean. And Paul's ex, Craig, was stereotypically TOO bad, just SOO skeezy and gross. Then, after just two days together, Andy is willing to move across the country to be with Paul. Too much, too fast, IMO, even for a holiday read, especially without any real holiday magic. This didn't even have the heartwarming, sweet moment I've come to expect, Christmas was barely even a mention, of Paul having to spend the holidays with his family, who he hates.