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This last book in this series wasn't as good for me as the first two. It had a lot of more mundane day to day stuff, the POVs didn't switch nearly as often, which didn't give me the insight I wanted into what both men were thinking, and there were a lot of time jumps.



Now I'm going to review the series as a whole, which, if you like M/M with some suspense and action, I highly recommend. Well written and hot! It did read a bit like online fiction. There was a lot of repetitiveness, a lot of details were repeated pretty often, which you run into a lot with stories that are told episodically, and when I looked, I found out that this series was originally online fiction, so it all made sense. I do wish it had gotten a better edit, with more of those recaps removed. At times it felt a bit like watching a soap opera, where they often go into flashback scenes to catch a viewer up.


I really loved both characters and even the side character in this series. Mark is a slightly crazy agent for some US agency (no clue if it's a real agency or not), and Quinn is a very wealthy CIA agent, from a long line of agents. These men fall for each other fairly quick, but neither is ever willing to admit it.


Even by the end of the series, although they say "Forever", I don't recall love ever being mentioned, not to each other, not to themselves. That was a bit of a letdown to me, as was the constant mentions of bareback sex and what it would be like, only to have that never happen either. Why even mention it so many times, if they were never going to follow through with it? I was waiting for that moment, dammit, for the I love you, fuck me raw moment.