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How I Met Your Father - L.B. Gregg

Cute, but not as funny as I usually get from this author. Didn't feel at all like a Christmas story, it just happened to take place at Christmas. I also wish it was longer.


Justin is a former boy band member who is now trying to live as a regular guy. Him being gay is a VERY well kept secret, his people worked hard to paint him as a total player. Now the band has been over for years, but Justin is still in his closet.


His former bandmate is getting married at Christmas, and he drags Justin to San Juan to be his best man. On the plane, Justin meets a very hot guy who comforts him during some turbulence, and then they get it on in an airport bathroom. Imagine Justin's shock when the same man turns up at the wedding party, father of the bride.


This story was a quickie, and really could have done with a bit more pages. Justin and Jack have an instant connection and another hot but interrupted encounter, and their romance was derailed a bit by angst between the bride, groom, and Jack, but ends in a HFN. It was funny, but not many laugh out loud moments like I usually get from this author. I would be willing to read another installment, telling where Jack and Justin went after the wedding, and if Jack grows closer to his daughter.