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This COULD have been so good, but I felt the author tried to cram too much into too few pages. I love friends to lovers and unrequited-finally requited love stories, so this one had my name on it. But some minor plot inconsistencies and just too much going on spoiled it for me. From childhood crushes, a too smart kid going away to college at a young age, abuse, divorce, vandalism, family crises, misunderstandings, a mini breakdown, and an insta-family, I just felt this story needed to be about twice as long. At LEAST.

Weird inconsistencies like Jacen is twenty and has been seriously dating George for five years? They started seriously dating when Jacen was fifteen? I know he went away to college very early because he was so smart, but this just made no sense to me. What father is going to let his fifteen year old son move across the country to go to college? The way Micah and even Jacen reacted when Kayne admitted he loved Jacen and always had? Neither reacted the way you'd think they would.

Then there were the names. Jacen. Macen. Kayne. Every time I read the name Kayne, my brain read it as Kanye, and I do NOT want Kanye West in my head when I'm reading, well anything really.