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Right Street, Wrong House - Pender Mackie

This story was about Lewis, who has been carrying  a torch for 6 years for his friend Dylan. In spite of acting like he likes him back, Dylan is always quick to shut Lewis down, professing they can only ever be friends.


Lewis is going to a party with his other friend Rob, in hopes of forgetting about Dylan. He ends up at the wrong house, where some sort of BDSM sex party is going on, and who does he find but Dylan. Dylan is shocked to see Lewis there, and drags him out. He finally admits to Lewis that he does like him, but that he can't go out with him. Because of his kink? But his kink is ONLY that he wants to tie a man up. That's it. No spanking, no beatings, no humiliation, no submission. Just a little bondage. Is that really worth not dating a guy you've been crushing on for so long? Of course, Lewis also has dreams of being tied up, so things actually couldn't be more perfect. Everything is oh so neatly tied (pun totally intended) up in just a few pages.


Also, Dylan says he's felt these urges for years, but has yet to act on them with anyone else. So, he can't date Lewis because he know he wants to tie a man up and is afraid of how Lewis will react, but he doesn't want to do these things enough to have acted on the urge in SIX YEARS? Just didn't ring true to me. The story should have been set to six months, not six years.


They also felt more like college kids instead of guys in their mid-twenties, even the party Lewis was supposed to be going to sounded more like a frat party.