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Ab Epistulis - cornmouse 3.5 stars, not quite enough for 4.

While I like slow burn, UST, this one had a bit too much for my taste. Pretty well written, good story that really pulled me in. I loved this Draco (most of the time), maybe found this Harry a bit bland.

This one is years after the way, Harry and Draco are 30. Events are different, as this book was written pre- HBP. War is won, Harry wrote a book about it, but as a muggle author, about a muggle war, under a pen name. Draco loves the book, and writes the author a letter. Harry corresponds with him for months without letting on who he is. And so the relationship goes, lots of misunderstandings and bickering, hot and cold, back and forth. Not even a kiss til really close to the end, which pushes my limits for UST, and not even a really good, detailed lemon, just some touching and groping, then it's next day. I need details people!

One thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me was the book Harry wrote. It was a representation of him and his friends during the war, under different names. But the names the author picked for this book were the actor's from the movies names. Harry-Daniel, Draco-Thomas, Ron-Rupert, Hermione-Emma. It just made it all a bit too...something, but I guess it helped keep Harry's book characters straight with who they were supposed to be.