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Collide - Riley Hart

This one needed a bit of an edit, it had commas in odd places where they weren't needed, a few wrong words, and a couple of spots where it felt like the author was going to use one word, ended up using another, and then didn't remove the other. But the story was good, the characters likable, and the sex was hot.

Coop and Noah were best friends for three years when they were kids, from age 10 to 13, when suddenly Noah's family uprooted them once again. Coop went away with his aunt for the weekend, and found his best friend gone, and didn't hear from him again for seventeen years.


Noah was at loose ends in his life, and found himself back in the one place he ever really felt at home, in the town where he was friends with Coop. When they run into each other again (quite literally, Coop hits him with his truck!), their friendship picks right back up where it left off all those years ago.


Coop is a little thrown back by learning that Noah is gay, but assures him he is ok with it, and Noah moves into his extra room until he can find a place of his own. What neither of them counted on was the attraction that sprang up between them, least ofall Coop, who had always been TOTALLY straight.


I enjoyed watching Coop come to terms with his feelings for Noah, and for once, I didn't want to shake him any of the times he tried to pull back. It made sense, especially when he explained all his reasons. Noah was a very nice guy, so very patient with Coop. Noah never wanted to be anyone's dirty little secret, to deal with secrets and lies as his father did all those years with his cheating mother, but it seems he's willing to deal with anything to be with Coop.


As I pointed out at the beginning of this review, this book did have some editing issues. It had commas where commas weren't needed, at least once or twice, I saw an extra word, like the author had decided to change a word but forgot to take the other one out, and a few times, it felt a bit like the author was mixing  up her characters, as one would be saying or doing something more appropriate to the other, which threw me.


But the plot was good, a bit of angst but not over the top, and I really enjoyed this little ride. I'm also looking forward to Wes and Braden's story next year.