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I loved this story. Walter was just a hot mess, but a loveable, oh so sweet hot mess. Kelly was just amazing. So shy and naive and sweet, but once he figured out what he wanted, and that Walter wanted it too, he did NOT let Walter get away.


Kelly is a freshman, from a small town in Minnesota, with the perfect family life. His favorite movies are Disney movies and romances, and he is determined for sex to mean more than getting off, and he is determined to find his own prince charming. He also lives a life full of extreme allergies, where what he eats and even where he sleeps can bring on an attack, which has always made him feel set apart from everyone else.


Walter is 22 and very jaded. His family's marriage blew up when he was a teen, and Walter became the family caretaker when his mother fell apart. He left college for two years to take care of her, and then left his own home to follow his best friend, who is now leaving him to get married. Needless to say, Walter has some serious trust and abandonment issues. He doesn't believe in true love or happily ever after. And then he meets Kelly, wide eyed, innocent, and looking for his prince. Kelly's sweetness and his health issues bring that protective side roaring out of Walter, and all he wants is to take care of his roommate. It takes him a while to figure out how much he really cares, and he waffles a bit about love and trust, and being good enough for Kelly, but it was so sweet to watch him fall so hard without even knowing it.


I knew when they were together at the halfway point, more angst was coming, and boy was I right, with Kelly's mom's job, and Walter's favorite professor losing his job as well. All this just really brought forth Walter's abandonment issues, but Kelly totally stepped up. I just wish I had gotten a bit more details to the ending, it felt a tad bit rushed.

My only real complaint on this book is my reader timer said I had TWENTY MINUTES left in the book when it ended, which means it had a bunch of excerpts and blurbs at the end, which felt like a misrepresentation to me. It's probably why I felt the ending was rushed, nothing against the ending itself, just the expectation of twenty more minutes of story lost.


I should also mention that I ADORED this cover, probably one of my favorites all year, and hopefully, it doesn't start showing up in variations on other books.