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For the Summer - Shey Stahl The initial review by ari bookzilla: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/725602734?

The blurb for For The Summer : Freckled cheeks, sunburns, a river bank young, wild, and brave. Sophie Kaden falls in love with the smartmouthed boy she can't seem to forget. She's looking to fit in for the summer; he's just hopeless. She's afraid to let go; he won't let her.

The blurb for TeamBella23's Pickup Truck :Freckled, sunburned, and scraped, our lives are lived barefoot and sandy, rolling under the baking sun and surfing the salty water-young, wild, and brave.

The blurb for Dusty: Dusty ยป by YellowBella
She loves him. He loves her crazy. She's a hopeless romantic. He's just hopeless. She's afraid to let go. He won't let her. A story about a silly girl in love with a foolish boy. Here, forever is a lie. TeamBella23 - the realist and YellowGlue - the poet

Seriously? And I'm NOT supposed to think she ripped that shit off? She just mashed up two blurbs from two fics, I wonder if any passages from Pickup Truck are in there too?

And yes, I realize with the new guidelines, this review will probably go *poof* in the morning.