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Harry Potter and the Sentinel Phenomenon

Harry Potter and the Sentinel Phenomenon - elyssblair An AU 6th year story. Harry is left alone in the woods by the Dursleys, which awakens a rare phenomenon called Sentinel, in Harry. His senses are in overdrive, every sight, sound, smell, touch, it's agonizing for Harry. He needs a guide, to help him, and to calm his senses.

Draco has run, from his father, from Voldemort. He has run to the one place he thinks is safe- Hogwarts. He isn't trusted by anyone, so he's pretty much always alone. In his sneaking around, he finds out about Harry, and finds out he alone can calm Harry's overactive senses, so he sneaks in at night, soothing Harry in secret. Even Harry doesn't know who's been helping him, and it's interesting to see what happens when he's found out, and when he learns it's not just about helping bring down Voldemort anymore, Draco actually cares about Harry.