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A Little Bit Country - S.J. Frost

You always know what to expect from this author- hunky rock stars, hot sex, and a good, if a bit sappy, sexy story. This was an excellent enemies to lovers story, about rocker Ash and country singer Jackson. They've been hating on each other in the media for years, when they finally make peace and find some common ground, and fall in love, outing Jackson in the process. I did feel Ash and Jackson went from bickering to sappy romance a bit too fast, but I've come to expect that from this author. There is something to be said for a comfort read author, and Frost always delivers.


I do have to say  (again) that Frost writes some of the most UN-rocker rockers I have ever seen. With Ash, you had a bit of a hint of a wild side at the very beginning, but that  quickly fell by the wayside, once he started shagging Jackson. I really would love to read a gay rock star romance that's not quite so damn...romantic. Something gritty and raw, but with a solid love story and HEA.


I know not to go to Frost for this kind of story, but she does offer a good comfort read type of book. Just don't expect realistic rockers.