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Heartstrings - S.J. Frost It really pains me to give this book ONLY 2 stars, but that's just what it was for me, an ok read. I really had to force myself to keep reading, I kept getting bored, and probably would have just set it aside if it wasn't a challenge read.Everything was just all so easy. No real angst, no real emotion. I didn't feel like I connected with Las at all, although I liked Quinn well enough. At the beginning, Las seemed quite shallow, although he did improve by the end. I prefer my characters to have more of an edge, more depth, but from what we know, Las has had a pretty charmed life, he's just bored. Everything seemed to fall perfectly into place. Even with Las did the wrong thing to Quinn, it only took a few minutes (ok and yes, flying across the world) to get him to forgive him. I tend to like more tension and more buildup in my stories. For a book that's as long as this one was, not very much seemed to happen at all.I liked the first 2 books in this series, and Black Heart Down, much more than this one. I still maintain that SJ Frost writes some of the sugary sweetest rock star men I have EVER read.