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Ever After - Kim Harrison I loved this one. The action was great, the angst was great.I can't believe after all this time, I actually like, no, love, Trent! He was such an ass at the beginning of the series, and I love how Harrison has added layer upon layer to show that even then, he wasn't really a bad man, just a man who had to make the hard choices to save his people. I also loved the parts with Al. Another bastard beastie who I've come to love.My only real complaint is that we experienced a couple of losses in this one, and they left me rather cold. Didn't bother me much at all, more in who the losses hurt than in an "aww I loved them!" kind fo way.There was a lot less Ivy in this book, which I really appreciated. I just think her part in this story has pretty much run it's course. As Rachel said, Ivy needs to be needed, and Rachel doesn't really *need* Ivy anymore. I'm just tired of Ivy's constant emo angst over what she is and what she might become, and the guilt she feels over the things she wants. I also can't keep her relationships straight, when did she start up with Nina?All in all, a wonderful addition to this series, and I am not so patiently waiting to read the next one. I want to know what happens in the Ever After, and what happens when Rachel and Trent finally come together for real.