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Keep It Together - Lissa Matthews Really cute, pure fluff, minimal angst, just a nice, fast, breezy read.Colt, the hero, was quite refreshing. He fell in love with Chrissie the day he met her. Unfortunately, the day he met her was at her engagement party. To his half brother, Russ. So, good guy that he was, Colt resolved to never say anything to anyone about his feelings, and he fully intended to do so.Until Russ left Chrissie waiting at the altar. Colt knew this was his chance, and he wasn't letting Chrissie go without a fight.I loved that Colt knew what he felt was love, and he didn't set out to fuck Chrissie, or to own Chrissie, he set out to make her fall in love with him too, and told her the first time he sees her again, he intends to marry her.Chrissie, of course, thinks he's joking, but she can't deny it just feels "right" with Colt.There might have been a bit too much rhapsodizing about how perfect for him Chrissie was on Colt's part, and there were a couple of editing issues, including a repeated passage, and another one that left me totally lost in the story, but otherwise it was pretty well done. Without these issues it would have been a solid 4 star read for me.If you want a light, fluffy, totally angst free, sexy read, this one was pretty good.