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Come Alive - Karina Halle Loved it! And now the wait begins again.Before I even start, can I just say that, while I do miss being inside Perry's head, I adore reading from Dex's POV. Unlike a lot of authors who write from the heroine's POV, and then switch to the hero's POV, Karina Halle manages to keep Dex, well, Dex. She doesn't sweeten his inner voice in any way, she doesn't lighten him up, or make him deeper and more thoughtful, no, Dex stays uniquely, perfectly Dex, perverted thoughts and all. I love the fact that what you see is what you get with Dex. We always knew he was a flirt and a dirty talker, and he really IS just that guy. The guy who thinks with his dick just as much as he thinks with his brain, and I really appreciate an author who stays true to that even when switching up the POVs.This story takes us on even more thrills and chills. While we do get lots of sexy time between Dex and Perry (that scene in the B&B with the vibe, oh my!), we also get a great story about ghosts, and as usual, the story takes a shocking turn, this time with voodoo and zombies! I also loved that the author did work in the recent stories of bath salts and people eating people, woven into a story about a crazy voodoo lady.Dex gets a shocking revelation about his relationship with Perry, which does send him reeling for a bit, but he finally recovers, I'm happy to say, and pulls his head back out of his ass. Max is back once again, and we learn more about who (what?) he really is, and I was actually left feeling sympathetic towards his character, if still a bit confused.I'm really looking forward to continuing with this series. Seven books in, and it just gets better and better. No slump for this author! Hooray! With the next story, we are back in Perry's head (Perry, I missed you! Dare I hope for a short with some of your thoughts and feelings in N'Awlins?), with yet more changes to the EiT crew. I'm excited to see where these changes take our favorite characters, and actually would like to see Max and Rose again, and maybe a visit to Perry's family? I miss Little Fifteen!