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Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn I've been reading for ages how Brian was everyone's new favorite book boyfriend, and after reading Rock Me, I totally get it. Brian is pretty much perfection- tatted up pierced bad boy, with a sweet, gooey, melty center. When he fell for Candace, he was totally all in, he didn't run from his feelings, he didn't try to pretend it wasn't happening, and that was so awesome.And Candace is the type of virgin heroine I wish we had more of. Yes, she was innocent as far as men go, but she wasn't some bumbling, naive twit with no clue what that part of her body was for. She just had very strict controlling parents. But she wasn't afraid of sex, and she wasn't afraid of her body, she'd even given herself orgasms before. Nowhere near as good as the ones Brian gave her, of course.Candace did bug me a bit with her back and forth about Brian and her parents, but I kinda got it. She's been under their thumbs for her whole life, doing pretty much what she was told, plus she depended on them to pay for her apartment and her school. I was happy to see that she was finally willing to set out on her own, get a job, pay for her own school. And she was 23, hell, I'm 39 and my mom can still make me feel like a 12 year old, incapable of doing anything right. I just wanted Candace to see that even if she was married to Country Club Carl, had her mom's dream job as a teacher, and had perfect kids, she still wouldn't have been happy.