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Reading Funk

All the mess on Goodreads has me in quite the reading funk. It's more that I hate the thought of reading a beloved author, loving their book, and then NOT sharing it with all my friends on GR. I WANT to promote the books I love, I WANT to help deserving authors get their stories out there, but I cringe at the thought of giving the site of GR more of myself. I cringe at the thought of  doing any more to help build their site.

So I'm not reading at all right now.


Actually, that's a lie, I AM reading, but I'm reading fanfic. And the latest plagiarism scandal with Shey Stahl and Dusty has soured me on Twific, so I've jumped ship to Harry Potter, specifically Harry/Draco slash. I have a particular love of enemies to lovers stories, so this fits that bill perfectly.


I'm also really liking the "post Voldemort" rebuilding their lives kind of story, and also seeing the hidden depths I always thought Draco had to have, so if anyone out there has any good recs for this, let me know.


I will have to get back to real books by tomorrow, for my M/M romance group Bingo challenge, I can't let my group down, so hopefully, I'll have a real review to add in a day or two.


(this is the picture that lured me to the dark side of Harry/Draco!)