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Playing for Keeps - R.L. Mathewson This book was silly, nonsensical, and shouldn't have worked, but it really did.When we are introduced to Haley, we are told she's a mousy, shy, doormat. However, once the story kicks into gear, I saw no evidence that Haley was shy, mousy, or a doormat.She worked hard to buy her own house, and she had her dream job teaching at a private school. Then Jason moved in next door. The Neighbor From Hell. (see how it fits the title?) He is loud, obnoxious, has a messy yard, doesn't paint his house, lets is trash blow from his yard into Haley's well maintained space. His buddies have been known to get paintball on her freshly washed laundry, and have broken her windows. He's awful.And Haley says nothing. She's so much of a shy doormat, in fact, that she actually tries to sell her house. It doesn't work though, because potential buyers are always just as horrified by Jason as Haley is.Finally one day, Haley finds her big girl panties, decides enough is enough, and she tackles Jason, when she finds him tearing up her precious flower bed. They fight, then are forced inside when they jostle a yellowjacket nest, and are finally forced to be in contact with her.Haley decides Jason is a jackass, yes, but a nice jackass who never means anyone harm. Jason decides his mousy neighbor is actually kinda cute, and makes it his mission in life to liven her up, and to keep bad guys away from her. Not because HE wants her, he sees her as a pal. A Buddy. He doesn't do relationships.And here's where the nonsensical comes in. Because from this point on, shy, doormat Haley is no where to be found. Instead we have loud, funny, fun loving Haley who often acts like a child. (good thing Jason's just a big child himself, huh?) We find that guys fall all over themselves for her, she just never noticed. She laughs and plays and fools around. Shy doormat? What shy doormat?In another inconceivable twist, Jason and Haley end up sharing a bed. Not sex, just sleep. And after that one night, they discover they can't sleep apart. So every night, it's one or the other, sneaking into each other's bed. But still, just buddies, right? Riiiight.This story shouldn't have worked on so many levels. But it did. It was funny and cute and endearing, and I just couldn't stop reading. This was a pleasant surprise, after my last Mathewson series, the one about the celebrities. I already know I'll be picking up the next book here.