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Wrecked - Shiloh Walker Zach Barnes has been in love with his best friend Abigale for what seems like forever. Since they were kids starring in the same tv show. Abigale has been clueless the whole time, but everyone around them knows how Zach really feels.Abigale ran from LA as fast as she could when her dad died. Anything to get away from that life, and her horrible, overbearing, star climber of a mother. She really thought nothing of it when Zach followed fairly soon after. She totally bought that he just happened to find a job in the area, and, well, Zach was her best friend, he'd always been there, so she just didn't look too closely.Only now, at age 29, after a broken engagement to an utter asshole, both of them have to rethink things. Zach needs to decide if he's willing to keep waiting on Abigale to SEE him, and Abi needs to figure out her whole messed up life.It's really not helping settle her mind that she's suddenly starting to think of Zach differently. Little moments, touches that make her shiver, she can't really be looking at Zach like THAT, can she?Oh, but she can, and we get taken on a lovely ride, as Abigale finally starts to realize what's been staring her in the face all along, and Zach finally decides to reach out and grab what he's wanted for forever.Abigale is a bit of a mess. She ran from her mother and her life in LA, only to end up engaged to a guy who wants her to go back to that life. When he dumps her, telling her she's not true to herself, at first she thinks it's BS, but the more she thinks, the more she wonders. She loves her life, but yeah, she's a bit uptight, and lonely. All she's ever had that's steady in her life is Zach, and she can't risk losing her best friend if things don't work out.I absolutely loved Zach, he's just a great guy. Yeah, he's got tattoos, long hair, and runs his own tattoo shop, but never once are we lead to think Zach is a bad boy. He's just a really nice, fantastic hot guy. He loves Abigale SO much, if only she could see. He also has a great family, and I'm guessing we'll be seeing more of them in future books? Hoping?