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Crossing Borders - Z. A. Maxfield I didn't know what to expect going into this one. From the cover I expected a really young guy and a really older man and a kind of skeezy hookup. What I got was a coming of age story, and a brilliantly written romance. Tristan had been sleeping with just about every female he could since he was 14, but the day his girlfriend dumps him (via her own brother) all Tristan can think about is the brother. He comes up with a plan to hook up with a guy, to find out if he was gay or not. He comes up with a plan to hook up with a guy, to find out if he really is gay or not. Plans change though, when he ends up with the last man he expects, and falls head over heels in love.Based on the first few pages of this book, I expected Tristan to be a bit of a punk, someone I tolerated. Boy was I wrong. This guy was truly an old soul. He gave up Stanford and Georgetown to stay home and help out his mom after his dad died. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and is basically the best kid you could ever hope to have- the kind of boy moms everywhere dream about having. I thoroughly enjoyed his relationship with Michael, watching them both come to love and trust each other. I loved Tristan's mother, who, while shocked, is totally supportive.This book was sweet, romantic and also FUNNY. Some of the best lines I've ever read were in this book, along with probably the best Thanksgiving scenes I've ever read in any book. If tofu turkey is called tofurkey, what does that make tofu duck?