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The Other Side of Us - Sarah Mayberry I'm not usually a Harlequin gal, but Sarah Mayberry is fast becoming my exception. I've read three of her books so far, and I've really enjoyed every one of them. I do like a bit more heat, but I didn't feel like I was missing anything with this one.Mackenzie was a producer on a popular tv show when she was terribly injured in a car accident. She was lucky to walk again, but she has spent the last year, fighting with everything that is in her, to get her old life back. That's all that's on her mind, her life, and her job that she worked SO hard to get. Her year's leave is almost up though, she's still not 100 percent, and she's worried about losing her job.Oliver is just a all around nice guy. Married for six years to Edie, he thought everything was fine, til he found a receipt in Edie's car to a local hotel, and learns she has been sleeping with her ex for early their entire marriage. Totally rocked, Oliver decides to take a break, and go clean out his recently deceased aunt's house.There he meets Mack, and they do NOT make a good impression on each other. He knocks on her door after a particularly grueling workout session, and Mack's only thought is to get rid of him before she hurls on his shoes. Of course, Oliver doesn't know that, so all he sees is a VERY rude woman, someone to avoid.But their dogs have other plans.:) It was really cute, the way Smitty kept going under the fence to get to Strudel, who we later find out was a very naughty bitch! More arguments between Oliver and Mack happen, and at this point, it seems they will never find common ground, let alone anything more.I really enjoyed this book. I don't know if I would quite qualify this as enemies to lovers, they weren't quite that acrimonious, but they definitely didn't leave a good first impression. Or second. Or third. But eventually, they are forced to work together during a storm, and they end up building quite a nice relationship, that starts as friendship, then grows to something more. As I said, I am NOT a Harlequin girl, but I'm already looking for more of Mayberry's books, who knows, maybe she will convert me yet! Naaah, I need more spice and more realistic (to my world anyway) language! But I will keep this author for a nice feel good pick me up.