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Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. In spite all the bitching and moaning I've read, the series ended pretty much how I expected, it was the journey that I enjoyed. This is going to be a big ol' long ass spoiler filled "review", because I want to address some of the MANY points I have seen people complain about it, and my own take on it. I'm probably going to ramble. I'm probably going to add things and take things away from this review as I keep thinking and digesting.On more thinking, I did bump off one star. One star, because I did realize that the narrative was all over the place, with evil villains popping out all over the place, too many, really, for one book. We have Steve Newlins and Jerome Glassport, who I didn't even remember, with some help in the beginning from Arlene and a manipulated officer Alcee Beck. Then there was Amelia the witch's father, and last but not least, Claude. It was almost like a Benny Hill episode, all these villians practically tripping over each other, trying to get to Sookie. There were moments not told from Sookie's POV, but from several of the villains, which took me out of the story every time. It just felt like a bit too much, when the focus should have been elsewhere.The way Tara was written in this book kind of bugged me. I remember thinking when True Blood started that True Blood Tara was not like I remembered book Tara. But in this book, Tara sounded exactly like TB Tara. Maybe I need to go back over where she first appeared, and see if she really did always sound that way.And now let's get to the meat and potatoes, what everyone is complaining about. I think this story really should have been broken up differently. I almost think all the Eric stuff up to and including the divorce, should have been in another book- either the last book where all those issues first came up, or more thought out, in a book of it's own. I felt the issues surrounding Eric having to marry Freyda, and his denouncement of Sookie, was rushed. I think, for all the attention it was given, those few scenes could have been in the last book, with THIS one being about how Sookie was moving on from Eric.By the time this story begins, although Sookie still loves Eric, she really just wants it to be done already. She knows Eric isn't willing to do whatever it takes to get out of this arrangement, and that hurts. I do think that if Eric really loved Sookie as much as a man should love a woman, he would have TRIED HARDER. But really, that's not the Eric we've come to know for so long. Eric loves Sookie, as much as he is able to love any human. I'm pretty sure that's been said quite a lot through the series. Eric is, most of all practical. He is a survivor. He is ruthless. He is also high enough in the vampire hierarchy, that he knows the laws and rules, and I think he knew that this was not a commitment he could get out of. I would like a story about what happens after he goes to OK, but I doubt it if it's something we'll ever get.What we saw from him in this book was cruel, yes, but I don't know that I saw it as out of character, as many people are saying. Maybe I need to re-read the entire series and refresh myself. In the end, this just felt rushed, and like it all should have been explored more thoroughly. We basically had one quick meeting at Fangtasia, a text message, a late night visit, and a cold, fast vampire divorce. They deserved more time, more of a goodbye.Now, Sam.... I feel like one of the few people that really loves Sam, and did throughout the series. I felt from the very beginning that Sam and Sookie would be together in the end. Yes, there were plenty of Bill moments, and plenty of Eric moments, where I thought each would be the HEA, but Sam always lingered in my mind, and, I think, Sookie's mind. I always felt Sam was in love with Sookie, even when he was dating other women. That's why he dated such HORRIBLE women- they were not Sookie, and they were never meant to work.I think that Sookie saving Sam forced Sookie to rethink things. I think it drew them closer together emotionally. It has to be a big, confusing deal, bringing someone back from the dead. Do I wish there was MORE, especially during the last few books, between Sookie and Sam? Yes. But was I in any way surprised, no.Many people are thinking Sookie settled. I don't think so. She had to go through all the things she went through, to realize what she really wanted was to be home, and live an "ordinary" life. Many people think she can never have an ordinary life because of the history with the vampires. I do think that that was one thing Eric managed to give her- safety from other vamps. I know Sam is still a supe, but his life is VERY different from the weres, the fae, and the vamps. Sam is not part of a pack, and not part of pack politics. I think they will be able to live a mostly normal life together. Do I think they'll be pulled into things once in a while? Probably, because of who they both are. But I think maybe the chaos is done and over.Some people pointed to the last lines of the book as another reason Sookie was settling for Sam. How, she could see herself years down the road, happy with Sam, but if it didn't work out, she would survive. I don't think that was a sign of settling at all, but a sign that she had known love and loss, and had made it through, and that she would do so again if she had to.It's really funny how many people are putting down her relationship with Sam because apparently losing him won't kill her, when those SAME people are the ones who hate on Bella Swan for how she totally fell apart when Edward left her. What do people want then? The woman who falls apart over a man is wrong, a woman who knows she can survive the loss is also wrong? WTF, people?All in all, yes, I understand why people are upset, but I also think maybe at least some of those people wouldn't hate this book so bad if they actually bothered to read it. I was surprised at how much it pulled me in, and kept me interested from beginning to end. It wasn't nearly as dull as the last few books. I think this book took Sookie full circle, from the weird, lonely young barmaid in the first book, who didn't dream of more exactly, but of having someone to love her for herself, someone she could be normal with. Her journey took her far from those beginnings. I think she had to find out that what was out there wasn't necessarily better, and that it would actually be so, so much worse. I think she had to learn that, while humans looked at her funny because of her telepathy and vampires didn't, at the end of the day, all the humans in her life stood up and were there for her, while almost every vampire in her life only ever wanted to use her for her ability- yes, even Eric.Now I have to apologize. This isn't really a review, so much as me rambling about what I read, and several points I've seen people make. This is merely my thoughts on a few of those things, and why I actually did enjoy the book, even though it did have some faults.