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Blue Notes - Shira Anthony Let's get the niggles out of the way first. I felt the author overused words like "The Frenchman", "the American", and "the kid". Yes, Jules was younger than Jason, but not THAT much younger, and Jason was not old enough to be his father, so I didn't really get that worry either.Now, on to what I really enjoyed. Jules was just adorable, Jason was average but likable, and I really liked Rosalie, Jason's sister. Really, there was no one not to like in this one, even Jason's ex didn't come across as badly as I expected.There was a lot of bad history behind Jules, but the story never let itself get bogged down in the angst and tragedy of what happened, and Jules didn't let it define him or really hold him back in any way. A bit insecure at times, but on the whole, pretty well adjusted considering all he went through.It was really nice to find a GFY story where the guy doesn't spend all this time wangsting and worrying over his sudden attraction to a man. Jason just went with it, and it was nice to see.Paris was like a character all it's own, although I did at times feel like I was on a tour. I'll most likely read more in this series, but I probably won't rush, as I think they aren't connected.