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Friend-Zoned - Belle Aurora This took me a while, but I finally finished it. It took me to about 20% to really get pulled into the story, but once I finally did, I didn't really want to put it down. I really enjoyed Nik and all his brothers and friends. I liked Tina's friends, although I didn't feel that got nearly the attention and detail that the guys did, I don't think I know squat about Mimi and Lola and Nat. I love a good slow burn, friends to lovers story, and this was precisely that. But now to get to what I didn't like and unfortunately, it's a fairly long list.I thought the writing was kinda bad. It was told in an awkward first person present tense, but I did notice the author falling out of that tense a bit at times. I thought the story really needed an editor, there were some misspelled words and just some wrong words, like we're when the author meant were. There were also way too many descriptions, every stitch of clothing EVERYONE was wearing, every detail of the room they were in, even down to people's exact sitting positions when sitting around watching movies.Money. I'm not sure the author gets it. Tina has money. Nik has money. Nik owns a club, drives a Maserati, buys Tina $3000 dresses and $800 shoes, drops over $10k on security equipment on Tina's show, still more on her house, and never lets her pay for a thing. We later learn that Tina has roughly 3million, and Nik is surprised to learn she has more money than he does. He spends and lives like a huge millionaire, the way he spends, if he has less than Tina, he'll be broke in no time.Tina's illness. I don't know a LOT about hemophilia, but I do think it's much more serious than was written here. I know my neighbor has it and he's nearly died more times than I can count due to the littlest things, and I'm pretty sure he takes medication to help with clotting. Tina's illness is just trotted out to say she bleeds easily.Tina. Sorry, Tina bugged the crap out of me. She seemed to be 28 going on 16. She's a giggler. And a bouncer. And a squealer. Or as my daughter calls them, a "Woo Girl". Remember that scene in Friends when Rachel's snooty rich former friends came to visit the coffeehouse, and they were all bouncing and yelling at everything? That's Tina and her friends.I also felt the author over played the sweet, naive girl thing. She uses words like "crudciscles" and "Jiminy Crickets" as swears. She actually burst into tears during sex, upon seeing Nik's dick. He's crushed, only to have her sob out " It it it won't fit!" Seriously? This is a 28 year old non-virgin who has gone through childbirth, people. She frequently speaks and thinks in exclamations. And overuse the word "hawt".Ok, I know this seems like a lot, and it seems like I didn't really like the book, but I did. If the writing had been in a different tense and had been edited, and Tina's sweetness had been toned down, this book would have gotten 4 stars from me, easy. I loved that, while Tina and Nik both had a lot of tragedy in their pasts, they didn't wrap that tragedy around themselves and use it as an excuse to hide from life. We weren't beat over the head every other page the bad things that happened to them. Neither of them were bitter or angry or lonely. They both had their friends and their family, and noth of them lived their lives. When they fell in love, they didn't run and hide, except during a couple of stupid misunderstandings. Once they were in, they were in, and I liked that. So, I still say give this one a shot. The things that bugged the crap out of me might not bother you, and the story is pretty good. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of this group as they pair off, starting with Ghost and Nat.