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Making it Personal - K.C. Wells The romance parts of this, I really liked. I enjoyed both the main characters, the chemistry was good, the sex was HOT, and I felt they got to know each other pretty well while working together.Where it kinda fell off the rails for me was with not one, but TWO evil bitch women. It just felt unnecessary. First there was the total over the top beard/girlfriend. It did throw a bit of a monkeywrench into things, but ok, I guess it added a bit to the story. But the receptionist part added NOTHING other than to give a place for Blake to have to publicly declare his love. It just felt too heavy handed, and could have been done another way. Karen's story also didn't ring true with me, like it was just there to excuse what she had done to Will. I'm not even sure I would have believed it, after what she did. She didn't prove herself to be someone to be trusted, at all, but they just forgave it instantly. It also never explained why she came on to him so strong in the first place, if she was in a relationship like that.