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Don't Trust the Cut - Kade Boehme I really enjoyed this one, I just had a couple of little niggles. 1. Tucker goes into the pub, orders a draft beer, Jesse gets caught up watching his fingers holding the handle of the mug, then minutes later, Tuck is peeling the label off his beer. Mugs don't have labels. Then 2, it's late, and Tuck offers to sleep on the couch while Jesse sleeps in his bed, but just a few days/weeks ago, Jesse and Miranda sleep over in their guest room. Why would Tuck need to sleep on the couch if there's a guest room?I know, nitpicky shit, but it bugged me. The story was really good, angsty, the way I like it. I would have liked to have known more about Tucker's past though, like when he became a cutter, and about his former, abusive relationship. We really got no details, other than that he was a cutter and had an abusive ex.